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On 15th December 2013, stunning news was flashed on NY Times website. One of the worlds trendiest music star Beyonce sidestepped the customary and conventional mass media release on a broadcasting campaign, television facades and brand endorsements. On the contrary, she preferred publicizing the 14 songs of her album directly on Instagram to her 8 million plus followers with just a single word “Surprise”, which was followed by placing 17 videos on iTunes for her fans and followers.

In general, this news seems to be more like page3 news with a celebrity talk and publicity stunts. But if we grant it a closer gaze, this report symbolizes the commencement of a new-fangled practice in the area of branding. Social media and social networks have been revolutionizing the both, personal and professional worlds of every person either directly or in a roundabout way.

Lately, Digital insights published an info-graphic which stated the advent of social media in 2014. Some of the annotations of this graph were really appalling. Facebook has 1.28 billion plus monthly ‘full-of-zip’ members of which 100 million users are from India. There are more than 50 million Facebook pages of which 50% pages are active every day.If micro blogging is taken into consideration, twitter notices more than 500 million new tweets everyday which are tweeted by its’ 41% of active users.

Talking about Google+ (g+), it has 540 million monthly active users. It is also noteworthy that 50% interaction of a user with a brand provokes a positive effect.Even the professional networking mediums like LinkedIn tend to have more that 150 million active users. In an average, 44000 of job applications are filled via LinkedIn alone.

The trends of social media remain curtailed unless one of the most popular video blogging (vlog) networks, YouTube is taken into consideration. Statistics say that YouTube has more than 180 million of monthly active users, who upload 100 hours of video per minute on this social network.

After observing these statistical readings, it is crystal clear that the start of the year 2014 there has witnessed a stunning growth in the use of social media. With its’ popularity growing among both, the teenagers and the adults, it is of prime importance to re-revolutionize the traditions of marketing and branding.In today’s world of competition, having a presence on social media for every business is the need of the day. In fact, it is one of those unique tools, which can come handy in order to survive in this rat race of branding and marketing.

At 360 Digital Lab, skilled and experienced social media strategists handle more than 10 different social networking sites every day. Besides, along with the common networks like twitter and facebook, a special set of social mediums are selected as per the nature and type of business and maintained all the way through. With 360 digital experts at your side, your online presence and business, both are to a safer side.

-Mitesh Hood
Director – Social & Buisness Networking

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